December, 2017

Check out our brand new video!
Celebritry chef Michele Green introduces you to
"Goffum Steel," the #1 non-stick cooking pan in the world!
Click below to see the video and please share!

-Pixies Production Inc.
November, 2016

We're in Los Angeles and want to meet you!
That's right we're having our first ever fan meetup event
while we're here and would love for you to come out and say hi!
Please check our Facebook page for details and we'll see you there!

-Pixies Production Inc.
September, 2016

Don't miss the Bloopers from our new Ninja Turtles parody!
Take a look at all of screw ups and hilarious stuff that didn't make
it into the final video. Don't forget to CLICK HERE watch "The Turtles"
on our main YouTube channel too. Enjoy the videos and make sure to share!

-Pixies Production Inc.
June, 2016

Our brand new Ninja Turtles parody is finally out!
We want to thank everyone for sticking with us while we
worked on it. Visit our Facebook page to see the behind the
scenes pics too. Click below to see "The Turtles" and please share!

-Pixies Production Inc.
November, 2015

Get this exclusive Christmas ornament FREE with any purchase from our store!
These were designed by Amanda from and screen printed by us! These will be available only through Dec. 20th so hurry!
October, 2015

We're currently shooting our new video! Thanks to everyone for the support and checking in on us. Just wanted to let you know that we're still alive! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see updates and win prizes too!
March, 2013

The Real Jonas Brothers 3 is here!
You asked for it and we listened! We pulled out all the stops to bring
you the third installment of our Jonas Brothers series. Make sure to
see the video and the hilarious bloopers reel- hosted by non other
than the Jonas Bros. themselves!

Watch The Real Jonas Brothers 3
Watch the BLOOPERS

To top it all off, we finally have Jonas Brothers shirts on sale! Get the "Kevin is a puke" shirt for just $12. FREE SHIPPING AS ALWAYS!

-Pixies Production Inc.
December, 2013

New Pixies Production Inc. T-shirts are here!"
Click the picture below or visit the store to get yours today.

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November, 2013

Check out our new Swiffer parody- "The Swiffey!"
Meet Bee and Marty and learn way more about their lives than you ever wanted to know...

-Pixies Production Inc.
October, 2013

Our brand new American Pickers parody is finally out!
We hope everyone enjoys our take on one of our favorite shows.
Click below to watch it!

Shirts from the new skit are also available - Click below!

-Pixies Production Inc.
September, 2013

It's official Pixies Production Inc. is BACK!

Check out the promo video and keep an eye out for new videos- starting in October!

-Pixies Production Inc.
September, 2012

Get our brand new t-shirts!

Get these awesome new "Why So Delicious?" and "Court Dates, Yes!" shirts right now! These new tees are actually screen printed by us and come with free shipping. On top of that, we're proud to announce that we now ship TO ALL COUNTRIES! Check them out in the store or click the picture for the link. All you fans out there make sure to send us pics of you around town wearing your new t-shirts!

-Pixies Production Inc.
August, 2012

WIN our new "Why So Delicious?" shirt before it goes on sale!

Win this shirt!

We're about to sell ALL NEW shirts and we want to give one away to YOU! There's 2 ways to enter:

1.) Send a tweet asking your followers to check out our new Batman video and Include the link:
Include @pixiesprodinc so we can put your name down to win!
2.) Post a status on Facebook telling your friends to check out the Batman vid and include the link:
Make sure to tag us by adding "@ Pixies Production Inc." so we can enter you to win! You must "LIKE" our fanpage HERE for this to work!

-Include the Twitter and Facebook tags so we can enter you!
-Include the video link!
-You can enter on Facebook and Twitter each, ONCE a day for the duration of the contest to better your chances of winning!
(Entering on FB and Twitter each day is a MAXIMUM of 14 entries total)
-We'll randomly pull the winner's name from a hat- so doing the entries each day will help your odds of winning!

Contest starts August 16 and ends August 23 at 12:00 AM Central Time. We'll pull the winning name on August 24. Good luck!

-Pixies Production Inc.
July, 2012

Finally got our new video, "Villain Auditions from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" online! Make sure to check it out by clicking the pic below!

In typical Pixies Production Inc. fashion, we had a ton of fun honoring the final Batman movie in the series! We're working on Bloopers now, so please check back on YouTube and Facebook for that video when it comes out- trust us you don't want to miss it! Please share this video with your friends and help us spread it online. We're trying to build our fanpage on Facebook as well, so we'd love for all of our subscribers and fans to please visit US HERE and like our page! You'll get all of our updates the second they happen and all kinds of exclusive stuff! Don't forget to get our new posters from our store and donate if you're feeling generous!

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April, 2012

Make sure to get your official autographed Pixies Production Inc. posters! On sale now for only $5 + FREE SHIPPING! Make sure to check them out in our STORE right now. Shirts are also on sale for $12 + FREE SHIPPING as well.
We've done an overhaul on our site and have now included a DONATION button on our pages for anyone who's feeling generous and would like to donate to our cause! There is NO MINIMUM AMOUNT, but those who donate over $1 will get some amazing perks and gifts! Make sure to check out the COMMUNITY page for more information! All proceeds from donations and merchandise sales go directly into our videos, so you are helping to fund our new material when you support us! We'd also like to thank those who have already bought the new posters and donated! You guys are amazing!

-Pixies Production Inc.
April, 2012

Just got our new video "Chaz Bono's Sex Change Operation!" online! We also worked really hard to get the bloopers out at the exact same time so you can get a double dose of Pixies Production Inc! Make sure to check out both videos here:

Chaz Bono's Sex Change Operation!
Chaz Bono BLOOPERS!!!!

Make sure to check out our FACEBOOK PAGE to get an exclusive look at our photos we took during filming! There's tons of behind the scenes stuff you'll enjoy, so don't miss it! Don't forget to check the DOWNLOADS SECTION on this site to get some funny sound bites from the new video!

Thanks again to all of our fans AND REMEMBER to please go on OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL and leave some comments on our new vid and "LIKE" it while you're there! ENJOY! More new stuff coming very soon!

-Pixies Production Inc.
April, 2012

We're excited to announce that we've reached over 6 Million video views on our YouTube Channel!

We're so grateful to all of our fans who have helped us spread the word about our videos online! My brother and I want to thank everyone again- and please keep an eye out for our NEW VIDEO COMING SOON!

-Pixies Production Inc.
January, 2012

We're excited to announce that our new video "Shit Shit Says" is now finished and online! It's a parody of the "Shit Girls Say" phenomenon on YouTube...well...with our twisted sense of humor lol. Make sure to check it out here!

"Shit Shit Says"

Please share this one on facebook and twitter- we need your help to get our videos moving around the web and we greatly appreciate all the help our fans give us! We've already shot another entire video and will be editing it very soon! Bloopers to follow for "Shit Shit Says" on our 2nd YOUTUBE CHANNEL very soon! Thanks again to all of our amazing fans and enjoy the new video!

-Pixies Production Inc.
November, 2011

Just a quick update- we're excited to start updating our official site and will now have a mobile entrance on our main page to allow anyone on a smart phone device to quickly and easily access this site!!! Here's the link in case you want to test drive it on your phone Mobile Site. We're also waiting on some foam prosthetics so we can get on our next skit. We're working on props now and will begin filming the second the prosthetic pieces come in! We're also going to launch our 2nd YouTube channel very soon! Thanks to overwhelming requests from our fans, we will be uploading bloopers from our videos to this new channel we're building. We'll hopefully be putting up an ad on our main YouTube channel to let everyone know, so look out for it soon! Also have some posters coming to our merch section on this site so keep an eye out for those as well!!

-Pixies Production Inc.
September, 2011

Hey everybody, my brother and I are happy to announce that we just uploaded our new video "The Chaos Copter" to our Youtube channel!

Click the link to check it out now! The Chaos Copter

We hope everyone likes the new video, we had a lot of fun bringing back Tom Robinson and making sure he got some work...and pizza! Enjoy the throwback to some good old ridiculous Pixies Production Inc. insanity! More vids coming very soon, we're going to try and get a lot of stuff out so keep checking out our Youtube channel.

-Pixies Production Inc.
July, 2011

Hey everyone! Just wanted to announce that we're working on our next video now and getting ready to film soon! Make sure to check out the story that Jennie from MyEveryzine wrote about us!!!! Here's the link!!! 'Glee: The Movie' stars talk YouTube and Snooki

-Pixies Production Inc.
April, 2011

Hey everyone, we're happy to announce that our new Glee parody is finished and online now!!! We had a blast making this one and had a lot of fun shooting in completely different locations, using our new dolly, and FINALLY moving to HD uploads on youtube! We're going to be uploading exclusive pictures from filming to our facebook page at and we're also going to be putting up MP3's from this video in the downloads section on this site. Make sure to pass the new video onto all of your friends! Post it, embed it, put it EVERYWHERE! Thanks again to all of our fans, you guys are beyond amazing! Hope everyone enjoys the new video!

-Pixies Production Inc.
April, 2011

In the wake of "Drew and Jacob" hitting 1 Million views last month, we're proud to announce that we finally hit 5 Million total upload views this month on our channel!!!

5 Million Upload Views!

Again, a big THANK YOU goes out to all of our fans, our street team and everyone who keeps coming back to watch more of our silly nonsense! YOU GUYS ROCK! Be ready for our new video! It should be out at the end of this month...editing hard right now to make sure it's perfect!

-Pixies Production Inc.
March, 2011

We're very very very excited to announce that our "Drew and Jacob" parody has finally hit 1 MILLION VIEWS TONIGHT!!!!

Drew and Jacob finally hits 1 MILLION VIEWS!

It's been gaining popularity for about a year and a half now thanks to our fans posting it all over the place! FINALLY, EVERYONE'S HARD WORK HAS PAID OFF!!!! We can't thank our fans enough for watching our videos and helping to spread the word about our comedy...YOU GUYS ARE ALL AMAZING!!! LET'S CELEBRATE BRUTHA! WOOHOO!!!!

-Pixies Production Inc.
January, 2011

We're excited to announce that our new video, "Steven Seagal: Hoarders" is online now!!! If you haven't watched it yet, be sure to do it ASAP...and make sure to pass it on to all of your friends!!! Thanks to everyone for supporting our last video "The Real Jonas Brothers 2 (featuring Demi Lovato)". That video boomed overnight and did over 20,000 views in 3 days! That's insane for us and is a great example of our fans working hard to make sure everyone knows about our vids, thanks again guys! Stay posted, we've got some big plans for our next video.....we're starting to buy props and supplies right now....we're just looking for an excuse to use our new camera dolly too! Haha.

-Pixies Production Inc.
October, 2012

Hey everybody, we're excited to announce that our new video "The Real Jonas Brothers 2 (featuring Demi Lovato)" is now online! We were really excited to make a sequel to our original "Real Jonas Bros." video and we hope everyone enjoys it, because we had a blast putting all the costumes back on and getting to play the characters again! We're going to start writing the script for our next video here in a few days and then we'll keep everyone posted via facebook and twitter as we start working on it. Make sure to pass the new video onto all of your friends! Post it, embed it, put it EVERYWHERE! Thanks again to all of our subscribers and fans, you guys are amazing!

-Pixies Production Inc.
October, 2010

Hey everyone! Couple of things to announce, first of all OUR NEW VIDEO "Oh, What a Life 2!" is OUT NOW! It was a massive video and took us a little while to finish, but it's finally done! Head on over to our channel or CLICK HERE to check it out on YouTube! We hope everyone enjoys the sequel to the first "Oh, What a Life!" and we'll definitely start another video very soon. Onto the second piece of looks like all of our videos on YouTube have started working again, so we've put all of our original vids back to "public" and haven't lost the view counts or comments! Everything is working fine now! Thanks to everyone for keeping in contact with us and sending us messages and emails, we appreciate all of your feedback and thoughts! Please make sure to pass on "Oh, What a life 2!" and post it all over the place!

-Pixies Production Inc.
October, 2010

Well, first off we're excited to announce that we've reached 4 MILLION TOTAL VIDEO VIEWS ON YOUTUBE!!!!

4 Million views!

....and as a lot of you may have noticed we didn't have any time to celebrate because 13 of the videos on our channel suddenly lost their audio sync about 2 weeks ago. According to YouTube, it's a site wide glitch, but instead of letting our videos stay up broken we've chosen to reupload all of our affected videos. After running some upload and render tests with several of our videos, we think our video framerates were the culprit. Unfortunately, we've been using those settings for about 3 years now so we've had to go back and spend a lot of time correcting our videos so that they will play properly on YouTube. We also don't know if our original videos will ever clear up and if this glitch will be fixed, so we're going to be using these new reuploads from now on. We have a lot of repairing around this site and on YouTube still, so please hold tight until we get everything cleared up. The good news THOUGH, is that once everything is back and running normal we'll be wrapping up editing on "Oh What a Life 2" and will post it online!

We just want to thank everyone for bringing the glitches to our attention, we hope to get everything fixed in a timely manner. If everyone can PLEASE post and send around the new links to these reuploaded and fixed videos we would greatly appreciate it! Thanks again everyone for keeping in touch with us, "Oh What a Life 2" coming soon!

-Pixies Production Inc.
December, 2009

Happy Holidays
We'd just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!! Hope you enjoy the Christmas Card, haha.

-Pixies Production Inc.
December, 2009

It's been a while since our last site update, but we are very excited to announce that we've just reached 3 MILLION TOTAL VIDEO VIEWS ON YOUTUBE!!!!!


We're so grateful to everyone who has helped us get to this point, but we're not done yet. We're working on new videos all the time and we'll have a new skit online shortly!!! Thanks again to all who have passed on our videos, embedded and linked them!!!! All of our stats are growing and we appreciate everyone's help. Keep up the good work everybody and please message or email us to say hi!!! Remember, YOU are our most valuable team memeber- we appreciate all of your help and support.

Please pass on our new "Count Chocula" and "Lumpits!" videos to everyone you know and make sure to go to if you haven't seen them. Thanks again everyone,

-Pixies Production Inc.
April, 2009

We are excited to announce that we've finally reached 2 MILLION, TOTAL VIDEO VIEWS ON YOUTUBE!!!!!


As of earlier today, we finally broke the 2 Million mark and are still climbing on total views!!! Thanks to everyone who's checked out our videos and passed them on to their friends. Keep up the good work and remember, YOU are our most valuable team memeber- without your help we can't get any of our stuff out...thanks again for all of your hard work everyone, we appreciate all of your help and support.

So, please pass on our new "Wolverine is my Dad" parody to everyone you know, embed it like crazy, post it every single place you can find to post it... and make sure to go to if you haven't seen it already. Stay posted this summer too- we're branching out and taking some major steps to move outward- keep an eye out and expect some big stuff very soon. Thanks again,

-Pixies Production Inc.
April, 2009

Our official downloads page is now up and running! Check out the link at the top of the page to download exclusive sound and audio clips from our videos!!! You can use them for ringtones, AIM alerts, whatever you want... and they're all ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!! Check out the downloads page now and keep an eye out- we'll be updating it alot throughout the month.

T-shirts are ONLY $15 + FREE SHIPPING, so help support us and our videos if you like our material! Everything we make goes to producing our next video, so without help from our fans we wouldn't be able to keep doing this. With that said, thanks again to all of you guys that have already purchased one, you've helped us out alot!!!! Keep checking back, new vid out right around the corner.

Thanks again,

-Pixies Production Inc.
March, 2009

Hey everyone, we'd like to announce that t-shirts are now on sale for ONLY $15 DOLLARS WITH FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING!!!!! Thanks to everyone who's already purchased a shirt and helped support us, if you'd like to purchase one just head over to the store page and get one! We'd also like to thank everyone who's taken the time to check out all of our new videos like "The Real Jonas Bros., Shamzow, and Drew and Jacob." We hope everyone has enjoyed the new material- make sure to pass it on to your friends, imbed and link!!!

Keep an eye out for new stuff on the site, everything's been updated and we'll now be offering exclusive "downloads" to all of our fans!!! Ringtones, audio files, and wallpapers will be online very soon- so everyone please check back!!! Thanks again,

-Pixies Production Inc.
July, 2008

Hey everyone, we're proud to announce that we've just finished our newest video "Colonel Earth's Tips for Going Green." Make sure to check it out on YouTube and our videos section! We also wanted to announce that "Hurricane Chris in Space 2" is now out on all of our pages and our YouTube channel, SO CHECK IT OUT TOO!

We hope everyone enjoys the new skits- and there's even more stuff coming out this summer!!! So check out Colonel Earth and keep coming back!!!

PS- don't forget that all t-shirts are now $18 with FREE SHIPPING!!!!! Check out the store to see the merchandise!!!

-Pixies Production Inc.
February, 2008

Pixies Production Inc. is proud to bring you "Scabbed 2!" Check it out on our videos section and on youtube- and while you're there make sure to check out "Tom Robinson's Rocket Launcher Fishing Rod."

We're also happy to announce that, for a limited time only, we've dropped the prices of Pixies Production Inc. merchandise! We're now offering FREE SHIPPING AND NO TAX for our fans!

Check back soon- up next... "Hurricane Chris in Space 2."

-Pixies Production Inc.
October, 2007

In an exciting turn of events, Polo Grounds Music actually sent us a video of Hurricane Chris watching our parody "Hurricane Chris in Space." This exclusive video is on our videos page and, of course, on our youtube channel. Definitely check it out if you haven't seen it yet, it's hilarious!

We'd also like to announce that our newest video, "Ted Shafers 2," is OUT NOW! Watch as Ted Shafers and Bill Blass engage in an epic duel of the popular arcade dance game, "Boogie Boogie Insurrection," as only two nerds can.


We hope everyone enjoys the new video, more new stuff on the way soon! Keep checking back for updates and news- make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel!

-Pixies Production Inc.
September, 2007

Pixies Production Inc. would like to announce that our new video entitled "Hurricane Chris in Space" is now out! Want to know what happens when Louisiana rapper Hurricane Chris becomes a crew member aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor? Watch it now on our videos page to find out! Ted Shafers 2 is in the process of post-production right now and is coming soon! Check back for updates and visit the message board to post your comments! Spread the word to all of your friends, new videos are now arriving...
September, 2007

Everything's going good on the new videos! "Ted Shafers 2" is now done shooting and will start editing soon!!! The other new video is still under filming right now and will start editing as soon as the production finishes. Thanks again to everyone on myspace for all of the questions and interest in the merchandise. Check back and stay posted for info on the brand new videos!
September, 2007

First off, we'd like to thank everyone for supporting the launch of our official site! We'd also like to announce that we will start shooting "TED SHAFERS 2" and a BRAND NEW, NEVER BEFORE SEEN VIDEO THIS WEEK! We know everyone will enjoy these new skits- check back soon for updates!
October, 2007

Chris Angel 4 is OUT NOW!!! See the culmination of months of hard work and dedication to bring our viewers the sequel to "Chris Angel vs. David Blayne." Make sure to check out our "VIDEOS" page to see the video everyone's been waiting for!
Don't forget to check out our store to get your hands on official Pixies Production Inc. merchandise!
October, 2007

The official Pixies Production Inc. website is now up and running! This page will serve as the first place to get updates and receive the latest news from Pixies Production Inc. We will still be using youtube, myspace, and other streaming video communities for our shorts, but will be relying on this site to provide our fans with news, exclusive videos, merchandise, and other Pixies Production Inc. services not available with other sites. Again, thank you to all of our fans. We hope everyone enjoys the exlusive content that we'll now be providing to our audience. Check out everything and keep coming back regularly for new material and constant updates.

---Pixies Production Inc.