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The Swiffey Effect with Bee and Marty (Swiffer Parody)"
American Pickers (The Parody!)"
Pixies Production Inc. is BACK!"
Villain Auditions from "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises"
Chaz Bono's Sex Change Operation!
Shit Shit Says (Girls Shit Say Parody)
Second Channel Ad Video
The Chaos Copter!
Glee: The Movie (Glee parody)
Steven Seagal Hoarders
The Real Jonas Brothers 2 (feat. Demi Lovato)
Oh, What a Life 2! ("What a Life" Parody)
Colonel Earth's "Tips for Going Green"
Kablam (Billy Mays parody)
Count Chocula: Countdown to Meltdown
Lumpits! (Bumpits parody)
Oh, What a Life! (Disney's "What a Life" parody)
Wolverine is my Dad
The Real Jonas Brothers (Jonas Bros. Parody)
Shamzow! (Shamwow parody)
Drew and Jacob (Drake and Josh Parody)
Lost Screentests from "Batman: The Dark Knight"
Hurricane Chris in Space 2
Scabbed 2
Tom Robinson's Rocket Launcher Fishing Rod
Pixies Production Inc. meets Hurricane Chris!
Ted Shafers 2
Hurricane Chris actually watching our parody!!!
Hurricane Chris in Space
Chris Angel vs. David Blayne (Episode 4)
Scabbed (parody of MTV's "Scarred")
Mythbusters parody (baghdad batteries)
Criss Angel vs. David Blaine (Episode 3)
The Super Awesome Turd Show
Criss Angel Mindfreek: Episode 2 (visiting Houdini)
Criss Angel Mindfreek: Episode 1 (high res)
Criss Angel Mindfreek: Episode 1